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Market day

This weekend was a very exciting one. My friend Angelita and me had the chance to display our makings at a market in Vienna. There´s this pretty cool venue called the WUK where the designmarket “lights 2014” was taking place. As of my friends baby twins I´ve really been into sewing baby clothes which I sold at this market. The 3 days we were there it was awesome. We met so many nice people and had so much fun!

Our display was so colourful!




I really hope we can do this again next year! And a really big thank you to all of the people who came to support us!

Now I´ll go back to sewing adult clothes again, I have enough of crazy prints and tiny hats for now



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Time away

It´s been a long time since my last blog post. I have a lot on my mind (and to do list) right now. In the beginning of december a friend and me habe the opportunity to sell homemade stuff at a local design market. So I´ve been sewing childrens hats and socks nonstop in the last month.

I made a pattern with the help of my iron in 3 different sizes for the hats.  I traced the tip of the iron 4 times lining up so I´d reach the wanted circumference of the head. They fit newborns, 1-2 year olds and 6-teenies. On wednesday we had a photoshooting with my mother which was a lot of fun. Woody and Mordecai had a lot of fun, too 🙂



_93A1870 Kopie


The pattern of the socks is an – very much – altered pattern from a sock sewing book. They´re originally made out of one piece of fabric. I rounded the tips of the toes and the heels and separated it from the sole. I wanted a cleaner finish, so I added a ribbing on the top. This way I can mix and match a lot of different fabrics.


_93A1875 Kopie





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Sewing saturday

Today I was very productive. I cut out the Newcastle cardigan pattern for my husband and finished my Movies in the park shorts. I love the cut of the short with the contrast bias tape and the buttons. Buttons make everthing prettier. I somehow messed up the measurements. I cut out a size M but had to take in 8cm on both sides and they´re still a little loose. Next time, there´ll definitley be a next time, I´ll size down to XS, then it should be fine. The buttons are from my stash, I bought them in the US last year, they´re so beautiful! The fabric is a leftover from pants I made laset winter. So, without further ado, I present you my new shorts:






During the week I finished some more baby clothes for my friend. The faux wrap shirt is Trotzkopf and so cute. I made the pattern for the hats myself, so I could use a lot of fabric scraps ( I got them from a nice mom at work 🙂 )



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A lot of new stuff.

This weekend I finally had time to sew again!

I need(ed) a few new basic shirts for me, I raided through my closet and threw out anything I don´t really, really like. In time I want to get rid of everything storebought.

So, that gave me an excuse to cut into my new jersey (cotton with a little bit of lycra). I hate it when jersey (the 100% cotton one) tends to roll in the edges endlessly. No matter how often you iron, steam and press – it always rolls back. I´m happy to report, the few percents of lycra stop the rolling and it holds the shape way better than the pure cotton jersey.

I chose the Renfrew from Sewaholic. It´s pretty basic but very versatile and comes together quick and easy without any fuss. I made size 4 and took in th side and sleeve seams 1cm.

ImageHere is the short sleeved version. I love the lenght of the shirt, my kidney are warm and safe!

ImageLong sleeved Shirt

ImageThe one with the collar. I love it, the collar falls great and is very easy to set in.

In another matter, a friend of mine is expecting twins. So, I immediatly went into Baby-clothes-sewing-mode when she told me 🙂

I don´t know the sex of the little ones yet, so I made something that girls and boys can wear out of my shirt fabrics. I used the Regenbogenbody pattern and the monkeypants pattern from Schnabelinas blog, which are downloadable for free!

ImageThe right pants have a vespa on their butt 🙂

ImageMore tiny onsies and pants!

Now I´m going to rest and let this chilli red jersey stare at me.

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