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Ooh La, it´s Alma!

The last two days I was a sewing whirlwind. My last fabric shopping trip left me with a stash of inspiration and possibilities to explore. First I tackled my childhood enemy: Leggings. I always hated them Seriosley. I gues under a skirt or dress in winter I´m okay with them, but never warmed up to this type of pants. Well, they´re not really pants. My dislike for leggings became stronger as more and more girls on the street started wearing them in the mst horrible ways possible. Imagine black underwear in white jersey pants. Too tight leggings with too short shirt. My list of unflattering ways to dress with leggings goes on a long way.

Then I saw the Ooh la leggings from Papercut pattern popping up on my computer screen a while back. I instantly loved the lines of the pattern but didn´t buy it. Just because they were leggings. Next I saw Lauren from Lladybird with her awesome plaid Archer. And she wore it with leggings and it looked so great! So I started keeping my eyes open for a Ponte knit. After a long time of searching I found out, that the term “Ponte” doesn´t exist here in Austria. The fabric is called Romanit jersey here. I found a black cotton one, and an olive green wool one. For my first (yes you read right, there are more to come.) pair for leggings I used the black fabric. Sewing them up was a breeze. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I cut a size XS and shortened the waistband for 6cm, so that it would sit just above my hips.


Sorry for the weird coloring in the picture, it was already nighttime when I took them. I have to admit, the leggings feel awesome! They´re really comfortable and soft. The fabric is sturdy enough to not feel like jersey. You can´t even see the outlines of my panties, as you would with knits. At the same time the Romanit is soft and drapy. What an awesome fabric!


The lines of the pattern make the pants look like horseback riding pants.


As I was already in sewing mode, I cut into my beautiful flowery cotton lawn to make an Alma blouse. I made Version A, as I did with my nightgown blouse. I cut size 0 and was again able to leave out the zipper. I love the line of the pattern. It´s so flattering without being to dressy and is oh so comfortable as no other blouse can be. I hardly wore blouses in the past, maybe at an event when I had no dress (in a dresser full of dresses) to wear.But this one won me over.


As I´m not a girly girl I never imagined myself in a flower print. Somehow I really liked the pattern of the fabric when I saw it. Now I´m glad I bought it because it´s the perfect match for the Alma. The fabric feels wonderful. Kind of like voile, just not seethrough. It has a great quality for a small price! I ordered 2 yards and still had a lot left over when I made the blouse. In a fit of craziness I managed to cut out a second one! Only this time I made a round neckline without the V. My hair makes me look like I´m shining.



And at last: The fusion of Alma and Ooh la. A comfortable outfit for going out and crashing in front of the TV at the same time.


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