Warderobe architect

02 Feb


Latley my sewing motivation fell asleep a little bit. I can´t motivate myself for new projects and I´m having a hard time with desicion making. And as I wore off store bought clothes a while ago I really need to build up a good basic warderobe. With this in mind the warderobe architect challenge from Coletterie came at a perfect time!

While I was down angina I had a lot of time to overthink and plan my warderobe. My core style is mostly based on comfortable clothes. I hate it when clothes pinch or squeeze or annoy me in any way. I mostly wear straight cut pants that sit on the low waist and I hardly wear skirts. I don´t know why because I have a lot of skirts and I like them. But in my everyday life I mostly go with pants. For fancier events I love dresses. I almost every variation except with gathered skirts. My tops are mostly unicolored and Renfrew like. Sometimes I love a good button down shirt. The easiest style element are the shoes. I basically have only three types of shoes: Converse, winter shoes and running shoes. What I really love are jackets and coats. In many styles and variations, they´re my favorite garment to wear 🙂

My patterns are:

– Renfrew top

– Heavily modified Jalie 2105

– McCalls 7018

– Grainville blouse

– Oakridge blouse

– Archer shirt

– Bruyere shirt

– Undercover hood

– Coppélia cardigan

– Ottobre jeans Lady fit

– Modified Thurlow pants

– Ooh la Leggings

– Bellatrix blazer

– Robson coat

– Pavot coat

– Belladone dress

– Cambie dress


When I´m fabric shopping I tend to grab whatever catches my eye without thinking of combination possibilities and colour matching. This left my with a warderobe full of clothes in a lot of colours but hardly anything that goes together. So I tried to find out which colours I like to wear and fit me.

I came up with these basic neutral colours that go along with everything:


These are my nearly neutrals that are easy to combine:



These are my statement colours, they should only be paired with the neutral or nearly neutral colours. I´m not so sure if I like the orange. I just felt something missing in the palette but I don´t think I´ll want wear it.



I included a lot of blues and greens, which are my preferred colours for clothing. Suprisingly I don´t have that many garments in these coloures. It´s about time to start buying fabric with a little bit more thinking!

So, that was my part for the january challenge. Let´s see what february brings along!

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One response to “Warderobe architect

  1. Hopkins

    February 3, 2015 at 12:00 am

    I’ll try to help you in any way possible!


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