Vintage nightgown comes back to life

04 Aug

A few months ago my grandmother passed a nightgown on to me, which she got from her boss when she worked as a maid for a family. The nightgown, as beautiful as it was, was already falling apart. Almost all the seams where ripped and the gown had holes in various places. It was made out of a delicate silk crepe de chine, so my grandmother asked me to make something for myself out of it because it would be a waste to just let it rot in the attic. Challenge accepted!

The white colour was already turning yellowish and on a few places you could make out tiny faded lilac dots.

The constructions was quite simple. Basically it was just made out of two reactangles with holes for the arms and a neckline with a facing and a collar. On the waist it has ties to bring it in shape. Due to the construction I guess that the nightgown is from the 1920s (anyone has a different guess?) Sorry for the fuzzy picture!



As you can see, the gown was already fixed a couple of times, espaccially on the front of the neckline. After two turns in the washing machine with the silk programm the yellow tone faded and it got a nice off-white colour to it now.



It took me a long time to get myself to cut it. I was terrified of messing it up! But when I got my Alma blouse pattern in the mail, I finally kicked myself in the butt and started.


The pattern pieces JUST fit on the nightgown with avoiding the damages of the fabric. So no spare fabric for messing anything up. I made view A without the ties without any size alteration. But I did leave out the side zipper. After a lot of pondering over it I decided I didn´t want the zipperband peak through the sheer fabric. I tried it out and I can wiggle myself in without much effort. I did french seams, so that no seam finishing would shine through and avoid the delicate look of the blouse.


I´m very happy how it turned out and can´t wait to show my grandmother! She´ll be very pleased, but she´s always pleased with whatever I make – evening gown or pyjama.



The Alma blouse is very comfortable to wear, I like it a lot! It feels a little fancy but still casual enough to wear it with jeans or a mini skirt. There´ll be more to come for sure! Sometimes I wish I had a job where I can dress up a little. A white silk blouse for a day in kindergarten is probably not a good idea 🙂

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